The Boteco toggle clamps have arrived!

The simplest and most versatile positioning and workholding system that exists

We recently introduced our first series of Boteco toggle clamps and plans are in the works for many more to add to and complete the range.

Basically a toggle clamp is the simplest and most versatile positioning and workholding system as it is quick acting and securely locks a mechanical workpiece in position to enable further machining on a milling, drilling, tapping machine or any other machine tool.

The lever system used in toggle clamps offers many advantages.

– With a relatively small movement, the part that exerts force on the workpiece can easily be opened, leaving ample space to remove and reposition the workpieces.

– The lever system enables you to secure the workpiece with an easy and fast movement.

– The workpiece can be secured precisely by adjusting the height of the rubber screw cap.

– When the lever mechanism is moved to the end of its stroke, the toggle clamp assumes a position from which it cannot open, so the clamping cap always remains firmly fixed on the workpiece, which ensures a secure, stable hold and always with the same kilograms of thrust.

– Without the worry of not having fixed the product correctly or not having tightened it sufficiently.

– It is an effective, simple and relatively inexpensive tool compared to other systems.

Provided with a red handle so it can be easily identified in complex jigs.
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