Boteco is the expert company in the design and manufacture of maneuvering handles and mechanical components. More than 400 different product categories for a total of over 15,000 different products. Each product is made using highly reliable materials and according to constantly improved methods, thanks to high investments in design and production technologies.

Boteco today:

  • Total area: 13500 m2
  • Covered Area: 1000 m2
  • Office area: 7000 m2
  • Area Services: 450 m2
  • Production Department Area and Warehouse: 5500 m2
  • Products with a sophisticated design and an ergonomic design that increases its grip.
  • They often have caps to cover through holes, which can be easily colored without overpricing and facilitate greater customization.
Metal Line
  • Products mainly made of metal.
  • Robust line suitable for heavy applications where high mechanical strength is required.
  • Quick fixing systems with mixed technology, metal and plastic products (locks, quick hooks and brackets)
  • They are composed according to your needs as clearly specified in the pages of the catalog.

To offer a complete range of mechanical components, Boteco has made agreements with strategic partners, starting collaborations, in order to be able to offer elements that go beyond the classic maneuvering handles. These articles are highlighted and collected under the new BOTECO COMPONENTS brand.

Latest news

The Boteco toggle clamps have arrived.

The simplest and most versatile positioning and workholding system that exists.

We recently introduced our first series of Boteco toggle clamps and plans are in the works for many more to add to and complete the range.

Euromodel safety bridge handle B230

Boteco expands the range of articles, in this case handles, of the Euromodel line.

Safety handle, designed to protect your hands when in use. Especially on sliding or double-leaf doors.

2 new colors for handles and T-Handle

Red Ral 3000 and Orange Ral 2004

The colored models are always very sought after but difficult to find. This is why we will be extending the range of B224 handles and L270 tie rods available from November. 2 the new colors always ready in stock without minimum quantities: Orange RAL 2004 and Red RAL 3000.

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