A Variety of Robust Instrumentation

Whether you need an indicator or a controller for pressure or temperature, Dynisco can provide you an instrument that will suit your application. Depending on your needs, the instrument can be supplied with transmitter power supply, alarms, auto-retransmission capabilities, control capabilities, digital communications, etc.

An Economical Solution to Precision Temperature Control of Extruders

The 1496 and 1498 Series Temperature Controllers offer an economical solution to precision temperature control of extruders. With two DIN sizes and multiple output configurations, the controllers are suitable for twin and single screw extruders. Both can be configured for heat-only control in die and adapter zones, or for control of both heating and cooling in barrel zones.

Innovative Measurement Solutions

Pressure sensing is our core technology, and with 60 years of sensor experience to draw upon, we lead the industry in innovation, precision, quality and reliability. No matter what your pressure requirement, whether it’s for safety reasons or extrusion optimization, Dynisco has an intelligent solution for you.

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