3D sensors

The O3D is a photoelectric 3D sensor which measures the distance between the sensor and the nearest surface point by point using the time-of-flight principle. The unit illuminates the scene with an internal infrared light source and calculates the distance by means of the light reflected from the surface. The sensor can be used for completeness checks, volume determination or sorting tasks. For example, it can check whether a case or pallet contains the correct number of items. This inspection is independent of the items’ colour and texture. Using the parameter setting software, the sensor is easily adjusted to different packaging sizes. Applications can also be found in the parcel services field, in warehouses and in logistics and distribution centres. For automated storage space planning, the sensor provides the size, orientation and position of the packages. This ensures optimum use of the available storage space.

Safety light curtains

Safety light curtains are used where hazardous areas must be secured. They are optoelectronic safety devices consisting of one transmitter and one receiver. They conform to the safety requirements of type 2 / SIL 1 or type 4 / SIL 3. Typical applications include access prevention or hazardous area monitoring of robot cells and production lines. For food and beverage applications, units with protective tubes and high protection ratings are offered. Safety light curtains with floating blanking can be used to safeguard material feed processes on presses and saws.


When the smallest or most transparent objects have to be detected in applications where space is limited: fibre optic technology is the best choice. With the OCF fibre optic sensor this technology can be used even more easily and reliably.

Safety controllers

The powerful, freely programmable 32-bit SafetyControllers are designed for use in harsh conditions. They are suitable for direct installation in vehicles and mobile machines using the on-board system. Thanks to special integrated hardware and software functions for safety-related tasks, these controllers can be used as safety controllers.

Hardware and software have been certified by the German TÜV association. The programmable, layered error handling feature (“Keep Alive”) enables the SafetyController to switch off in case of a serious fault and bring the plant into a safe state. In case of less serious errors however, parts of the plant in previously defined areas can still be used.

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